Kanger T3S

Kanger T3S

We have been using several of these for over a month, Overall very satisfied with the T3S. Large 3ml capacity means you can go longer between fills, and the bottom coil lets you get every last drop of your juice without needing to refill and without any burnt taste.

You get lots of vapour and good flavour. These fill from the bottom and are very easy to fill with a needle tip. If you are using a bigger tip on your juice bottle it’s a bit more difficult to get the juice in without getting any down the centre, however since the shaft is fairly large, it’s easy to clean. Cleaning the whole unit is fairly easy as well, although since the drip tip is built in rather than removable, it is a bit tricky to clean around the top.

The changeable coils are a huge plus, they just screw into the base, and are easy to take apart if you want to clean the wicks, remove one or even rebuild it.

T3S in pieces

The tanks look  great and are well built. One tip is to make sure the coil is tight in the base before you put the tank together, otherwise you might get some leaking. The T3S is ego threaded and works perfectly with Ego batteries. I had a small issue when using them with the evic where the coils doesn’t contact the battery well enough to be detected or fire, but you can easily remedy this by separating the base of the coil just slightly.

My girlfriend and I have both noticed a slight plastic taste when used with acidy juices, specifically a cola flavour, but they are working well with all other juices I’ve used, changing flavours is easy, and if you rinse the coil and do a quick dry burn you don’t get any of the previous flavour, meaning you can reuse your coils easily. 

One of these tanks cracked from a short drop, but otherwise they seem to be pretty solid.

Overall an excellent clearomizer and I would definitely recommend them.  

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